Monday, June 22, 2009

Meet Ashley

RSP: What is your current occupation?
Ash: I do not currently work in the fashion industry; however my goals and passions have been in the beauty and fashion industry since I can remember! Ideally, doing makeup for the runway would be a dream come true.

RSP: Which fashion designers or runway trends influence your overall look?

Ash: I gain inspiration and ideas from the runway trends of designers like Alexander Wang and Miu Miu. I’ve always appreciated the sophisticated looks of Prada however; I prefer a little more funk and edge then classic sophistication. I gravitate more towards neutral and basic pieces which can be layered for different desired looks; I feel Alexander Wang understands this and has created amazing clothing and looks just for me and my closet!

RSP: What is the biggest TREND or MUST- HAVE ITEM for summer?
Ash: For me and my fair skin, summer means a time for excessive sunscreen use. Since I have such a huge passion for skin and makeup I believe you can never do enough to tell our skin or face we appreciate them and want them to be around for a very long time! So, I use Being TRUE essential spf gel 30. The best part about the essential gel, is that it restores damaged skin while defending you and your skin against anymore harmful damage or premature aging. Total MUST!!

RSP: What is your most prized fashion possession?
Ash: My most prized fashion possession would be my Diesel skinny jeans, I feel like I'm in my own skin, really comfortable. I can dress them up with for date night with my boyfriend, or wear them with some converse while riding my bike around town. Super easy to feel casual yet put together.

RSP: What can we find in your closet? Please include specific items, accessories and brands.
Ash: In my closet you will find a lot of ‘survivors’ from the past as I call them. I feel sort of like a hoarder…I keep everything (clothing wise) so I have items dating back to when I was in high school. I believe that everything comes back around, so saving and recreating is my favorite thing. I like to take a worn pair of old jeans and cut them off into some sexy shorts. I’ve been known to take shoulder bags from back in the day and recreate them into clutches. I love thrift stores so you'll see a lot of no names in my closet. The one area of fashion I do not skimp on is jeans. I have really long legs and it’s incredibly hard for me to find jeans that fit right and do not need to be altered to fit properly. I am willing to pay the big bucks to find the right pair of jeans. My favorite brands of jeans are Hudson, Frankie B, Diesel (amazing for length) and True Religion.

RSP: In your opinion what is the biggest fashion faux pas???
Ash: It really bothers me when women allow their thong to hang out the back of their pants. It is so gross to me that I feel offended when I see that!

RSP: Favorite color?
Ash: Cerulean blue.

RSP: Favorite place to shop?
Ash: D.A.V., Buffalo Exchange, Home, Loemans and any really good consignment shop. Sometimes I feel really overwhelmed in a place like Forever 21 because it's really un-organized so I never know where to start or how to create your own style around 8-thousand of the same items.

RSP: Must have make-up?
Ash: My biggest inspiration is Laura Mericer; her 60's inspired artistic style brings out my favorite items…black liner and fresh but polished face. She truly has an amazing ability to bring out ones’ uniqueness while being true to each individual personality and attributes. I look to her work for inspiration in creating confidence and uniqueness in myself and others. I also pretty much always wear Burt's Bees Lip Balm and my fave nail polish is China Glaze- "Ruby Pumps."

RSP: How would you describe your look?
Ash: I keep it simple, as far as accessories go. However, I do love earrings. I don't have a huge passion for tons of flare since I like to layer a lot with clothing. I take it easy on accessories so I don't feel like I'm wearing my entire closet at once!

RSP: What’s on your i-pod right now?
Ash: Siouxsie and the Banshees, Gang of Four, The Slits, The Vibrators, Blondie, Talking Heads, Elvis Costello, The Replacements, X, Blonde Redhead, Johnny Thunders, Bjork...

RSP: Best bargain…fashion wise?
Ash: Consignment shops are the way to go.

RSP: What do you do in your spare time?
Ash: In my free time I like to paint, read, spend time with my man and doggie, ride my bike, fly kites, roller skate, driving the coast with my windows down, bowl, hang out with friends and shop.

RSP: What are a few of your vices?
Ash: Coffee. And I can’t get enough M & M’s.

RSP: Favorite things…in general?
Ash: Friends, rice crispy treats, driving to collect my thoughts, bubble baths.

RSP: What are you drinking?
Ash: Tecate.

RSP: New or Used?
Ash: I think you know the answer to this one by now...

RSP: Most recent purchases.
Ash: Obey tank top.

RSP: Favorite magazine?
Ash: Nylon.

RSP: What are you reading at the moment?
Ash: Eckhart Tolles’ “A New-Awakening to your life’s Purpose” and John Martin’s “Run with the Hunted.”

RSP: Who’s your favorite model?
Ash: Kate Moss.

RSP: Who are your fashion icons?
Ash: Sienna Miller and Cameron Diaz.

RSP: Finish this sentence: “I Wish…"
Ash: I wish I didn’t have such a dirty since of humor. A little inappropriate at times…
RSP: Oh but Ashley this is why we love you.

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